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About Marc A. Goldbaum

Originally from Southern California, Marc started out as a feature film and television colorist. After years of color correcting and managing show content, he decided to follow his passion to create his own imagery. The still medium of photography has been a passion of his for the past decade; starting with 35mm film.


From Southern California, Marc moved to Antwerp, Belgium where he began his studies and became more involved with Street Photography. After a number of years, he eventually moved back to Southern California where Automotive Photography grabbed his focus. By blending his experience in Street Photography with his passion for the Automotive realm, Marc quickly blended his unique look together.


Lifestyle Photography was born from his love of amplifying the day-to-day. In his Street Photography, he always looked for certain angles and light in order to find beauty or excitement in the world around us. After a number of years, he developed a way to induce the beauty and excitement on-command for his clients. Marc has traveled to nearly twenty Countries and over thirty U.S. States creating unique experiences and blending genres.


As an avid motorcyclist, Marc travels throughout Southern California discovering the perfect local photography locations for his clients. Whether creating branded Lifestyle content, conceptualizing  Automotive look books, or looking to inspire the next generation of creatives, Marc and his team are here to help develop and deliver your goals. 

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